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Zig & Sharko

Zig & Sharko

Xilam Zig & SharkoEver try jet skiing on roller skates? Shark hunting with a toothpick? Surfing on a tsunami? All that so you could have fresh mermaid for dinner? Welcome to Zig & Sharko, Xilam’s wacky new slapstick series! A pretty little mermaid perched on a rock in the deep blue sea. A starving hyena on the island next door. And between them, a peaceful lagoon. Well not that peaceful… Because a shark lives there and he is madly in love with the young mermaid. Zig, with the help of his side-kick crab buddy, Bernie, will do anything to get his paws on Marina, the mermaid. Sharko will do anything to stop him.Together, their high-speed antics and non-stop brawling will have you gasping for air!

Production information


156 X 7’ or 52 half-hours (Season 1-2)


Slapstick Comedy



Year of production

2010 – 2014 (Season 1-2)

Major broadcasters

TF1, Canal Plus (France), Super RTL (Germany), Mediaset (Italy), Disney Asia, Nickelodeon India