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The Daltons

The Daltons

logo_video_daltonsUnshackle your laughing gas, put your ball and chain away, take a prison break and get ready to escape with the Daltons! The fab four are back! The Daltons will try every trick in the books to get out and then some: a maze of tunnels, explosives, hot air balloons and rain dances, and a whole cast of zany characters to help them get free… or not! The only thing they don’t try using are their brains! But what they lack in intelligence, they sure make up for in willpower and imagination!
The far west has never been crazier!

Production information


195 x 7’ or 65 half-hours (Season 1-2)





Year of production

2009-2013 (Season 1 – 2)

Major broadcasters

Canal Plus, France 3 (France), VRT (Belgique Flamande), RTBF (Belgique), TSR (Suisse), MTV OY (Finlande), SUN TV (Inde), NRK (Norvège), Telequebec (Canada), Kaebou / Video rights (Canada), Noga (Israël), Irib Media (Iran), ATV (Turquie), MBC (Moyen-Orient), SIC TV (Portugal)