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Shuriken School

Shuriken School

Shuriken School XilamShuriken School follows the extraordinary adventures of 10 year old hero Eizan Kaburagi and his friends during their first year at an under-funded ninja school. Lessons take on a new dimension, as kids are shown how to melt into the walls, disappear into a cloud of smoke and fly over rooftops! Teaching methods are unorthodox and absurd things can and do happen. An action comedy about friendship, learning skills and how to surpass oneself.

Production information


26 x 26’




6 – 12

Year of production

2006 – 2007

Major broadcasters

France 3 (France), Jetix (Europe, Middle East, Latin America), Mediaset (Italy), ITV (UK), TVE (Spain), Sic TV (Portugal), VRT (Flemish Belgium), RTL TV (French Belgium), NRK (Norway), TV2 (Denmark), Disney (Asia), ABS-CBN (Philippines), MTV3 (Malaysia), RCTI (Indonesia), Nickelodeon (Australia), Nicktoons (USA), YLE (Canada)