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Rolling with the Ronks!

Rolling with the Ronks!

Xilam - Rolling with the RonksThe year is 37,520 BC.
Everyone seems to agree that you should roll with the times. The problem is that not everyone agrees on what time it is! Here on earth, the laid-back Neanderthals live to the beat of Mother Nature and are quite satisfied with their archaic forms of comfort. Everywhere else in the galaxy, things are spinning along at 10,000 light-years a second, and the wheel is nothing but a distant and forgotten memory. In order to set the clocks straight, Flash, a sensitive alien is sent to Earth to the Ronk tribe in order to electro-shock humankind into the future. But Darwin’s ancestors don’t seem ready to undergo such a radical (re)evolution.

Production information


26 half hours / 52 X 13’




6 – 11 Y.O.

Year of Production