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Xilam - Paprika Olivia and Stan are about as close as a brother and sister can get because…they’re twins! They share pretty much everything and though they’re totally different, they balance out to perfection! Stan is a brave little daredevil who puts faith in his instinct and his motorized wheelchair. Olivia is creative, efficient and brainy. But when it comes to having a ton of fun they’re both world champions! When the Paprika twins team up together, no hurdle’s too high! They take everyday life and turn it into a wonderful, colorful and zany adventure! The sky’s the limit for their imaginations, which just goes to prove that you don’t have to grow up or trot the globe to discover the most amazing things…right here at home!

Production Information


26 half hours or 75 X 7′ + 11 x 2′




Kids 3-6

Year Of Production