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Oggy & the Cockroaches  <br /> Seasons 5-6-7

Oggy & the Cockroaches 
 Seasons 5-6-7

Xilam - Oggy and the Cockroaches - Season 5Over four action-packed seasons and almost 20 years and 300 episodes, Oggy has relentlessly battled three horrible cockroaches. They not only squat his home, they squat his whole life! You think this is THE battle of the modern era?! Think twice.
In season 5, we discover the clash between Oggy and the cockroaches has been around forever ! (and will probably continue until the end of time!). Produced in 4K for the most spectacular of visual experience, we’re going to dive into History and watch as “eternal Oggy” runs into such icons as Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci, the Cyclops or Napoleon. And he’ll even be rocketed into the year 3000!
In seasons 6 and 7, we’ll find a mix of brand new stories and full remake of classic ones from seasons 1 & 2, all produced in 4K.

Production Information


234 x 7’


Slapstick Comedy


Kids 6-11