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Mr Magoo

Mr Magoo

Xilam - Mr Magoo

In the neighborhood, everybody loves Mister Magoo, this dynamic, kind-hearted and cheerful guy always happy to give a helping hand. But beware! He also causes disasters! Without his glasses, he mistakes his whereabouts for other places, gets people mixed up, and wreaks havoc everywhere he goes. But all his neighbors have kindly adjusted to his uniqueness…except for one: a megalomaniac hamster by the name of Fizz whose sole goal is to to have all of humanity recognize his tremendous genius. He’s determined to leave his mark in History, but somehow Magoo always interferes, thus preventing Fizz from carrying out his crazy plans!




26 half-hours / 78X7


Slapstick Comedy

Target Audience

6 – 11

Production Year

2017 – 2018