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Go west

Go west

Xilam - Go WestNew York, 1855. Lucky Luke, living legend of the Wild West escorts the notorious Dalton brothers to the Big Apple, to stand trial. For the millionth time. Of course, the Daltons do what Daltons do best. They escape, robbing banks, wreaking havoc and blowing stuff up as they go. With the cops hot on their heels, the nefarious brothers stash their loot in a lonely covered wagon. After ditching the fuzz, they return for their spoils, but an unpleasant surprise awaits them: dozens of identical wagons, all headed for California.So the Daltons set out, under the lonesome cowboy’s watchful eye. The wild, wild West and a world of hilarious new adventures await them.

Production information

Based on Morris and Goscinny comic books




Comedy, action, adventure



Production techniques

2D – 3D

Year of production

2006 – 2007