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Dragon Flyz

Dragon Flyz

Xilam - Dragon FlyzThe year is 4180 AD. Our planet, completely devastated by a great natural cataclysm, is covered by dark swamps and shaken by violent volcanic eruptions. The last survivors of the human race have built a flying city, Airlandis, and drift above the turmoil, in search of a region spared by the destruction. But this will not be an easy quest… Dread Wing, a tyrannical mutant warrior, has proclaimed himself sole ruler of the dying planet, and that includes the human’s flying city too!
For the four Dragon Flyz – Z’neth, Summit, Apex and Peak – and their flying mounts – the Dragons – a bitter fight begins against Dread’s troops. A fight for peace, a fight for survival!
In «Dragon Flyz», the human race is about to face its biggest challenge yet!

Production information


26 x 26′


Action / Adventure


7 – 12

Year of production

1996 – 1997

Major broadcasters

France 3 (France), Fox Kids (France), PRO SIEBEN (Germany), Mondo TV (Italy), ANTENA 3 (Spain), GMTV (UK), Cartoon Network (Latin America)